IN THE NEWS: Yakima Valley lawmakers take concerns for energy, public safety to Olympia

Yakima Valley lawmakers are preparing for the new Washington legislative session that begins Monday in Olympia.

Returning lawmakers Sen. Curtis King, R-Yakima, and Rep. Gina Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale, have submitted bills addressing energy and public safety, while newly elected Sen. Nikki Torres, R-Pasco, has signed onto a bill addressing police pursuit. Brand new Rep. Bryan Sandlin, R-Zillah, looks forward to his role working on the state’s budget.

Here’s what to know before the start of the session.

Several bills  set in motion a plan for clean, sustainable energy launched by the Republican lawmaker and colleagues last year.

The legislation takes steps to expand access to hybrid and hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Senate Bill 5091 would expand tax incentives for hydrogen fuel cells in Washington. Hydrogen fuel cells use hydrogen to generate electricity.

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